Custom WML Tags

This page will give a more or less detailed description of the most common custom WML tags that can be used when creating content for the Debian Women website.

Unless otherwise noted, all these tags require a corresponding end tag. Tag attributes are described when available.

You can intermix all of these tags as you want. Keeping the intermixing down to a reasonable amount is encouraged though, for the sake of clarity.

  • Common Tags describes generalized tags that are used on almost every page.
  • FAQ related tags gives an overview of tags that are used for the FAQ section on the website.
  • Mentoring tags lists the tags that are specific to the mentoring section of the website.
  • News tags describes the tags used for displaying the news items on the website.
  • Profiles tags shows the tags used to markup the Profiles section of the website.

You should take a look at the existing pages for extensive examples of how to use the tags. For some parts of the website, copy/paste/editing a passage will do fine too =).