Mailing List

Get to know the other people involved in the Debian Women and help to shape the future of the project by joining our mailing list. The list is primarily used for discussing Debian Women related projects and collaboration. The debian-women list page includes a form for subscribing and unsubscribing, as well as list archives.

In addition we also encouraged you to subscribe to other Debain mailing lists, for instance, debian-devel-announce mailing list where the most important changes affecting Debian are published.


To join us on IRC, /join #debian-women on

If you are new to IRC (Internet Relay Chat), you should first install an IRC client. Popular Linux clients available in Debian are X-Chat and irssi. Once installed, connect to the server and join the channel #debian-women. For more information about IRC, read this FAQ.

Contact by E-mail

If you prefer to contact one of Debian Women members you can send them private email. You can find some addresses on the profiles section.