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Build It Event Report

Two sessions of the Build It Event were held on Saturday, May 7th 2011. In both of them we had an audience of 10 to 15 "talking" people and probably many others were following but not commenting.

Both logs are available per session time: 11 UTC and 22 UTC. The second one is a bit better regarding the tutorial part, the first one was buggy. The tutorial can also be followed offline, it is already available on Debian Women wiki.

The event went quite well both times. Most people were able to follow along, were happy with the results and had interesting questions. Even though we had suggested a separation by timezone, we had someone from Brazil in the first session, a couple of people from Europe on the second one, and also 2 people from Africa in the second one :).

Posted Fri May 13 16:07:24 2011